Selected Exhibitions

I Have a Dream, Taller Latino Gallery, New York, NY, 2013
Sculptures and Drawings, Kirkland Gallery, New York, NY, 2012
B.Y.O.A., X-Initiative, New York, NY, 2010
Spirit of the Dream, IASD Dream Art Exhibition,International Association for the Study of Dreams,
Sonoma State University, CA, 2007
IASD Dream Art Exhibition, International Association for the Study of Dreams, Bridgewater, MA, 2006
When I Paint My Masterpiece: Bob Dylan in der Kunst, Galerie Zero, Berlin, Germany, 2006
Pierogi 2000 Flatfiles, Brooklyn, NY, 2000-present
LFL Gallery Flatfiles, New York, NY, 2001
In Your Dreams. fa1 contemporary art, London, England, 2000
War Bulletin Board. Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY, 1999
I Have a Dream. Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA. Three-person show with Jim Shaw and Fred Wilson. Curated by John Miller, 1997
Berkshire Art Association 1996 Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture. The Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA. Dan Cameron, Judge, 1996
Other Rooms. Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York, NY, 1995
The Joke Show. Four Walls, Brooklyn, NY, 1993
Spiritual America. CEPA, Buffalo, NY, 1986
The Red Show, Public Image Gallery, New York, NY, 1983
The Stranger Show, Public Image Gallery, New York, NY, 1983
Krannert Art Museum, Champaign, IL, 1982
49th Street Gallery, St. Louis, MO. Two-person show with Liz Kowalchuk, 1981
Artists Coalition Gallery, Champaign, IL. Two-person show with Carl Reisman, 1981
Martens-Hess Gallery, Urbana, IL, 1981
University Art Gallery, Saginaw, MI. Two-person show with Phil Blackhurst, 1980.


Pierogi 2000, Brooklyn, NY


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Chris Burden, Frieze Magazine, 2014
Tony Oursler: UFOs and Effigies, Frieze Magazine, 2013
Teamwork: Thomas Bayrle, Texte zur Kunst, 2013
The Social Network: Jana Euler,Texte zur Kunst, 2012
The Personal Is also Political: Andrea Bowers, Texte zur Kunst, 2012
La Carte d’Apres Nature, Frieze Magazine, 2012
B. Wurtz, Frieze Magazine, 2011
Horror Vacui: James Siena, Texte zur Kunst (blog), 2011
Return of the Blob: Lynda Benglis, Texte zur Kunst (blog), 2011

Life at Work: David Lieske, Texte zur Kunst, 2010
Foreign Objects: Dream Drawings
, Hornbill Press, 2004
Glamorize Your Messes, Texte zur Kunst, 1998
Jim Shaw,Texte zur Kunst,1997
Pepón Osorio, Texte zur Kunst, 1996
Abstraction in the Twentieth Century, Texte zur Kunst, 1996
Mike Kelley, Texte zur Kunst, 1996
Artist’s Statement, Berkshire Art Association 1996 Exhibition of Painting and Sculpture Catalogue, 1996.
John Miller, Texte zur Kunst, 1995
Drawn Blank by Bob Dylan, Texte zur Kunst, 1995
Notes on Cultural Permissions, Acme Journal, 1994
Dan Asher: Guestarbeiter on the Planet (contributor), Aurel Scheibler Gallery, 1993
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Richard Bloes, Tema Celeste, 1993
The Other Side, Tema Celeste, 1993
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Grace for Grace, Artscribe, 1991
The 1991 Whitney Biennial, Artscribe, 1991
John Miller, Artscribe, 1991
Looking Forward. Activist Postmodern Art. Tema Celeste, 1991
In the Grip of the Lobster: Jack Smith Remembered. Millennium Film Journal, 1991
Krzysztof Wodiczko, Artscribe, 1990
Richard Bloes, Artscribe, 1990
Token Gestures, Artscribe, 1990
Douglas Heubler, Artscribe, 1990
Jake Berthot, Artscribe, 1990
Withdrawal from Orchid Lagoon Lake, Artscribe, 1989
Irving Petlin, Artscribe, 1989
Inside World, Artscribe, 1989
Perry Hoberman, Artscribe, 1989
Telescreen as Text: Interactive Videodisc Now, Artscribe, 1988
Christopher Lucas, Artscribe, 1988
Zvi Goldstein, Artscribe, 1988
Fred Riskin, Artscribe, 1988
The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at MIT (review), Art & Artists, 1988

Published Artwork

Kettle: Poems by Carl Reisman. Urbana, Illinois: Hot Lead Press, 2005.
Foreign Objects: Dream Drawings, New York: Hornbill Press, 2004.
Kalligram, Bratislava, Slovakia, January 2003. Three picture poems (Clark Lunberry, text).
2 River View, Winter 2002. Three picture poems (Clark Lunberry, text).
Vert/Poetry Magazine #6, Winter 2002. Two picture poems (Clark Lunberry, text).

Sugar Mule #9, December 2001. Two picture poems (Clark Lunberry, text).
Chicago Review, April 2001. Two picture/poems (Clark Lunberry, text).
Kalligram, Bratislava, Slovakia, December 2000. Five visual poems (Clark Lunberry, text).
Open Magazine, Greg Ruggiero, Stuart Sahulka and Paul Pinkman, eds.
Westfield, NJ, 1988.
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Fantasy Crossroads Special Edition #1, Lamoni, Iowa, Stygian Isle Press, 1976.
The Ultimate Guide to Howardia 1925-1975: A Robert E. Howard Bibliography, Wayne Warfield, ed. Aberdeen, MD: Hall Publications, 1976.
Pterodactyl’s Egg 1-3 (science fiction fanzine), University of Kansas Science Fiction Club, Lawrence, Kansas, 1975-76.
Bioya 1-3 (science fiction fanzine), Perkasie Park, Penn., 1975-76.
Grunt Comix (amateur comic book), Chaos Pack Publications, Memphis, Tenn., 1975.


Columbia University, Ed.D., 1991. Dissertation: The Social Imagination: The Education of Didactic Contemporary Artists. Public Expression: Didactic Contemporary Artists as Educators.
Columbia University, Ed.M., 1989

University of Illinois, School of Art and Design, MFA, painting, 1982.

University of Kansas, School of Fine Arts, BFA, painting, 1980

University of Reading, Reading, England, Junior Year Abroad, 1977-1978, History of Art.

Ridgeway High School, Memphis, Tennessee, 1975

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BDX: The Bob Dylan Exhibition, in Expecting Rain,
The David Reisman Exposition, in Bread Crumb Sins


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from the Lawrence Journal World, May 16, 1977. Photo by Ed Hille